Lay’s third year running the Do Us A Flavor contest had the brand focusing on regional flavors around the United States. We saw the opportunity to have some fun on a virtual road trip around America, talking with real people on social media about what hometown flavors would make a good potato chip. So we worked with the Jim Henson Company to bring to life Marvin and Duncan, two talking potatoes with a knack for dad jokes and a love of all things food-related. I directed around 20 videos taking Marvin and Duncan around America as they responded directly to flavor ideas (I also puppeteered Marvin). 

Then, when Lay’s relaunched their barbecue-flavored chips with a new, improved flavor we decided to bring Marvin and Duncan back for a series of pre-roll ads designed to use the power of terrible jokes to thwart YouTube’s “skip button”  and send free samples of the new chips out to thousands of people.